Tandem hang glider and paraglider flights on Lake Garda

Don’t miss the chance of a tandem hang glider or paraglider flight on Lake Garda. You can try out this sport, in no way “extreme”, in absolute tranquillity, accompanied by a qualified and expert professional who will enable you to live a dream in total safety.
The only extreme thing about the experience will be the thrills and the pleasure.

deltaplano sul lago di garda

Tandem hang glider flight

Plunge into the sky, ride the clouds, soar on the wind like a falcon, cut through the air like the wings of a majestic eagle, while the breath-taking landscape of Lake Garda unfolds beneath you.

Volo Tandem in Parapendio

Tandem paraglider flight

Feel the wind on your face while you float in the sky and enjoy the superb landscapes of Lake Garda, as if you were sitting in an armchair.
It’s like having a front row seat watching a unique spectacle from an exclusive viewpoint.

Scuola di volo deltaplano sul lago di garda

Flying School

Learn the fundamentals of flight, take your first brief glides, progressively master flying techniques and progress to the status of an expert pilot.

Fly in a dual hang glider together with your flight instructor.

Plunge into the sky, soar on the wind, fly over the treetops, defy the force of gravity, in a thrilling sequence of powerful and exciting emotions. You will be living a dream. This is what a tandem flight in a hang glider is all about!

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity of flying like a bird, it will be one of the most evocative and exciting things that you have ever done in your life.
Garda Flying Paradise is the best place in which to savour this unique experience.
Starting from a launch site 1200m above Lake Garda, you will discover what it means to soar, turn, climb and dive, reassured by the vast experience of our professional pilots.
Garda Flying Paradise offers a magical panorama. Located in the heart of the Upper Garda Park, it is the ideal location for great adventures. Try a tandem flight in a hang glider or paraglider on Lake Garda!

Enjoy a tandem paraglider flight with a flying instructor.

At the launch site, after a technical briefing and equipment checks, the breath-taking landscape beckons you on.

All it takes is to unfold the sail and, after a short launch run, you will find yourself falling “upwards into the sky” where you will enjoy all the thrills of the flight, right through to your landing.
Garda Flying Paradise enables you to fly in a tandem paraglider with an instructor over Lake Garda, an unforgettable experience of indescribable emotions, in total safety.
The landscapes offered by Garda Flying Paradise are unique. Located in the heart of the Upper Garda Park, it is the ideal place for great adventures.

Flight Park Service

If you are already a hang glider or paraglider pilot, come and fly with us!

You can fly in the company of golden eagles and enjoy the enchanting landscapes of the Upper Garda Park, 38,000 hectares of pure beauty.
At Garda Flying Paradise, the shuttle service will take you directly to the launch site, by means of off-road vehicles, 9-seat 4-wheel drive Land Rover Defenders.
You can count on all the technical help you need, and if you want, you can receive radio guidance and assistance during the flight. All you have to do is enjoy yourself. Everything else is taken care of by the Garda Flying Paradise organisation.

Garda Flying Paradise promotes hang glider and paraglider sports flying, in the enchanting natural context of Italy’s largest lake.

Your experience will be made absolutely unique by means of a team of instructors and assistants of great reliability and experience, with the very finest flying equipment. It is a perfect team who will help you progress in your passion for flying, whether in solo flights, in a tandem hang glider flight with instructor, or in a tandem paraglider flight with instructor.

After your flight, at the landing site you will find an exclusive area with comprehensive facilities, a bar, swimming pool, restaurant, children’s play area and a large green area in which you can relax.

Emotions in Paradise 

Flying in the Lake Garda area, you will glide over the blue water and into the blue of the sky; you will dip down into green valleys and up again towards the splendour of snow-capped mountains, enjoying intense thrills and emotions.
The environment at the Garda Flying Paradise is unique. Located in the heart of the Alto Garda Park, it is the ideal place for great adventures, immersed in an area of intense and varied beauty, which combines Mediterranean colors and atmospheres with the wild nature of the alpine landscapes, also leaving space for beautiful monuments.

Flying School

“Learning how to fly is like opening your eyes onto a new universe: it is total sensorial involvement!”. Our flying school enables you to learn this wonderful sport

If you want to learn how to fly, you have found the right place. Garda Flying Paradise is the best setting in which to learn the fundamentals of hang gliding or paragliding sports flying, or to refine your technique if you are already a “licensed pilot.”
The courses include the “beginners” level, “advanced” level with primary and secondary stages, the “lapsed pilots” course for recommencing flying after an interval of interruption, courses for hang glider or paraglider “tandem flights”, and courses to become “instructors” in these sports.
The characteristics of the landscape and the microclimate in this flying area provide one of the highest percentages of flyable days in Italy, all year round.
Before starting a course, we recommend taking a tandem flight in a hang glider or paraglider on Lake Garda.